How can we, as mothers, best support our daughters to make safe, healthy sexual choices, and be sexually empowered young women and adults?

Are you at a loss of how to connect with your daughter about sex?

Are you terrified of her becoming sexy or sexual too early, and perhaps getting pregnant, getting an STD, or worse?

Are you anxious about blowing your chance to guide her well through this over-stimulating time for her?

I understand completely!

Every mother knows that times are different now for teens than they were when we were young. The external pressures young girls face today only exacerbate the already challenging times of adolescents, especially when it comes to sexuality.

What I do is help mothers create powerful connections with their daughters, so they can support them be safe and make informed, healthy sexual choices in their life.

If you’d like to have a potent and lasting connection with your daughter that is profoundly freeing for both of you, then I invite you to contact me to schedule a COMPLIMENTARY “Transform Your Mother-Daughter Relationship” 45-minute Consultation.

It will be my great honor to assist you in navigating your way through this fascinating and rich terrain as mother, which will make a huge impact in the life of your daughter.

With compassionate love & immense hope for the future of women,